Belfius is a leading retail bank and services 3,5 million customers.

Its mobile app is the most used banking app in Belgium and has won numerous awards for its convenience. We helped the bank become even more conversational with the platform.
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Mybo assists Belfius Insurance clients with processing insurance claims of their home insurance. It used to be time-consuming and difficult to administer an insurance claim correctly. With myBo the Belfius clients are now guided step-by-step in a conversational way.


Bbot assists Belfius Banking clients with all their questions related to daily banking. It is particular knowledgeable on topics related to payments where it answers questions like: how to transfer money abroad, fees involved, etc.

“Thanks to myBo, Belfius Insurance noted a 87,5% increase in conversions, when comparing the filed claims using myBo to the traditional insurance claim forms”

MyBo is fully integrated in the Belfius Mobile banking app and is integrated with the backend systems of Belfius so it automatically can help the clients in selecting their home address, telephone number and provide fully personal experience.

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