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Campfire is an implementation company dedicated to Conversational AI projects. Campfire have developed a proprietary approach and methodology to achieve faster and better results.

Building a conversational agent shouldn’t feel like assembling IKEA furniture. That’s why Campfire fine-tuned our in-house processes to deliver time and time again. Campfire has delivered over 40 Conversational AI projects in all continents, and they’ve integrated with every major messaging platform and offloading system out there.

Regions: EMEA, APAC, USA

Studio Winegum is there for any organization that feels that self-service can be improved! In many organizations at least 60% of incoming contacts are ‘waste’. The solution would be to decrease waste and increase value in every touchpoint. This leads to higher customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction & conversion rates. 

Studio Winegum helps us ensure that Chatlayer implementations go smoothly across the EMEA region, empowering our customers with the best Conversational AI on the market.

Regions: EMEA

Premium Plus, with offices in Benelux, France and the UK, helps you make a difference, guiding you to an easy-to-use cloud solution for customer service that perfectly fits your brand’s style and voice. 

From Chatlayer to Zendesk, PremiumPlus provides sales and support teams with the right processes, tools, set-up, and insights to deliver the top-notch service and unified customer experience that people have come to expect. 


Entopic is a full service content company with a large variety of in house content professionals, professionals who are seconded to enterprises and large enterprises which are our customers. 

Entopic also has a recruitment department and is connected to a large pool of freelancers in order to provide companies with the right content professional when needed.


Soultech was founded in 2020 with the vision to personalize and automate customer engagements in all parts of your customer journey, making the complex appear seamless. 

In partnership with Sinch, SoulTech operates in no-code platforms, with integrations to our customers systems and to any of their preferred communication channels – enabling brands to be where their customers are.


Intracto is a Benelux digital agency with 1350 experts in strategy, digital marketing, technology and creative.

Intracto is among the larger independent digital agencies in the Benelux. Its customer base exists of national and international SMEs and enterprise customers in B2B and B2C environments.


SMS Speedway provides interactive communication across multiple messaging channels to achieve specified results or communication goals. SMS Speedway is built for both integration with software as well as standalone usage. 

It provides powerful communication automation, ranging from simple scheduled messaging such as appointment reminders or pre-scripted surveys all the way to fully-fledged AI-driven client engagement.


Botium is a test automation tool set for conversational AI following a holistic test approach to cover all quality standards. Meaning functional as well as non functional testing. The company was founded in 2018 and quickly became the industry standard tool for automated testing Conversational AI.

Their open source framework, Botium Core gives an unlimited experience for those who are comfortable with coding, while their commercial product, Botium Box was designed to make chatbot testing and training fast and easy for everyone.

Regions: EMEA, APAC, LATAM, USA (Dutch for “I want a bot”) is a joint initiative by Crossphase and Both being strong in large enterprise markets, we wanted to make well-made chatbots available to smaller businesses and organizations. 

We’ve combined our services into a single product, combining our bot platform, conversation design, maintenance, data-analysis and chatbot optimization.


AGENT511 develops and delivers proactive and two-way communications software to utilities and government to engage customers. The platform offers personalized messaging across text, voice, email, and social channels and offers for service disruptions, billing & payment, information, appointment & court reminders, and more. Self-service chat is an important component of any communications strategy.


Dialog Group is a longtime solution integrator based in the Benelux, specializing in customer interaction processes for large customers mostly in Finance, Utilities & Telco, but also retail, healthcare, and leisure. from sending out complex data-driven documents to full digital self-service processes by integrating different solutions.

Regions: EMEA

Conversation Design Institute helps organizations with online courses, certification, and professional services. Its human-centric workflow powers millions of conversations per day and is taught via practical, engaging, and sticky online videos. It is helping hundreds of brands around the world unlock the potential of conversational AI with a full service approach.

Regions: Global b.v. is a Dutch-based software house that delivers and implements the Polly knowledge management software for enterprises around the globe. More than 50 enterprises have put their confidence in the knowledge management software as their single-source-of-truth to assist customers as well as employees in providing the best possible experiences.


Telenet Business offers business Internet and business telephony solutions tailored to companies. You can also count on our experts for a secure network infrastructure and additional ICT services.

Regions: EMEA

XQTING is a software company/system integrator. It delivers bespoke software and specializes in complex system integration projects. Its multidisciplinary team guarantees qualitative and efficient solutions, entirely in line with the digital journey of its customers. XQTING assists with understanding the challenges of their current environment and guides them in a sustainable transformation, from design to implementation.

Regions: EMEA

Hootsuite’s open ecosystem unites social marketing with social listening and now,social customer care. Our new offering, Sparkcentral by Hootsuite, is a complete social customer care solution that’s simple to implement,easy to scale, and lets you keep your personal touch.


Apstellar is a Singapore based firm with regional presence in Shanghai, China and Bangkok, Thailand. We offers tailored solutions such as management consultancy, overseas business expansion to Thailand & artificial intelligent AI voice bot & chatbot customer engagement solutions.

Regions: APAC, USA

Incentro is a fast-growing digital change company based in the Netherlands, Spain, and Africa. Our decisive consultants dive deep into your organization, challenge your ambitions, think two steps ahead and build awesome digital solutions. Whatever your ambition is, we make you ready for battle!

Regions: EMEA

As a digital partner, Proximus helps organizations to engage with their customers and employees in a seamless & efficient way, taking into consideration their context & preference. By combining all preferred customer communication channels (including not only Voice or SMS, but also Social Media channels, RCS, and integrating with Chatlayer Conversational AI), Proximus builds customer-centric value proposals & journeys.

Regions: EMEA

2Grips is a service management tool focused on optimizing your services in terms of quality, costs, manageability, and transparency. They focus on both your organization, your processes, tooling, and your people, offering a unique total approach.

Regions: EMEA

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