The Campfire company is dedicated to conversational AI projects. Our support consists of the deployment of conversational designers, Natural Language Processing (NLP) experts, and IT professionals. We deliver projects and support internal teams in many languages, and on every channel (SMS, Web, WhatsApp, …).

Type of partner: Implementation

Regions: EMEA, APAC, USA

Core strengths of the company:

Designing relevant conversational flows that increase engagement and conversion rates.

Creating smart bots that understand more than 1,000 questions with the use of NLP – making sure AI is there to help, not to create more frustration

Connecting conversational agents to your ecosystem, and providing support to build custom integrations with Chatlayer

Developing methods constantly to launch, maintain, and improve conversational agents.

Our emphasis is on Conversational User Experience and NLP management. We make sure that the conversational flow and AI are solving issues, and not creating new ones. For users in customer care we focus on reducing costs and customer frustrations. We achieve this through the deployment of superior AI capabilities. For campaigns/sales we provide smart campaigns using AI that can run on multiple channels. We create experiences that are engaging for all kinds of potential leads. For internal communications we provide company employees with bots that answer HR questions and provide technical support
Chatlayer is the best tool we have used to build conversational AI projects at the product level. It offers an accessible experience for non-business users. Thanks to Chatlayer’s powerful NLP engine (covering more than 100 languages) and its direct connection with Sinch, we are able to address any channel in any country. It has allowed us to conduct SMS campaigns in the U.S. market all the way through to performing transactional banking over WhatsApp in Africa
We have many add-ons and integrations. For example we have: Multiple bots where we connect with Airtable and rest dB to post and retrieve data. From Airtable we connect to Google Sheets and then to Google Data Studio to visualize the data in a dashboard; A custom WordPress backend where we can make new demo pages by simply inserting the widget SDK URL; Adopted to collect feedback directly in our Trello; and Integrated with Helpscout, custom content management systems, microservices and many more.

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