Key Features and Differentiators

Multi-language Support out of the Box

Build your bot and activate it in multiple languages instantly. Chatlayer understands more than 100 languages out of the box. The Chatlayer platform was build from the ground up to manage complex bots in multiple languages. You can manage intents per language and retrain the bot for specific key languages while keeping that crucial 360° overview. These features function  as key differentiators in the market as Chatlayer is one of the few platforms that allow you to scale your bot worldwide from a single interface at no additional costs .   

Worldclass Ai and NLP has developed its own Ai and NLP algorithms. Our algorithms are written and maintained by a large team of PhD. Researchers. The result is a powerful and scalable Ai and NLP engine that is both extremely flexible and at the same time extremely reliable. Our NLP engine was benchmarked by external researchers and identified as best of breed. The small boxplot and the high average F1 scores are strong key differentiators. End users don’t need to have any technical knowhow building and maintaining the algorithms. The training happens automatically behind the scenes. Chatlayer’s worldclass Ai and NLP is one of the many key features that sets the platform apart from other players in the field.

No Code Interface, Configuration Only

The Chatlayer platform does not require any coding skills to set up. Complex bots with multiple intertwining dialogs can be build using a drag and drop interface. Chatlayer comes with building blocks for channel specific features. You can add buttons and image carousels with our simple drag and drop interface. With the action dialogs complex integrations can be set up inside the platform. Intents and expressions can also be managed easily and do not require any familiarity with the underlying algorithms. Labels can be added and allow end-users to have a good overview of the various topics the bot can tackle. The ease of use and the intuitive UX are key differentiators of the Chatlayer platform. 

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Built-in Analytics

Chatlayer provides built-in analytics directly in the platform. Individual bot messages can be fully analyzed which is great for auditing purposes or root-cause analysis. Chatlayer’s dashboarding features allow administrators to inspect the overall health of a particular bot. Administrators can quickly see which dialogs are not functioning and push actionable insights to the UX team. The platform also analyses automatically where certain intents overlap and how this can be fixed. The breadth and depth of the analytics modules are a clear key differentiator when evaluating chatbot platforms for larger bots. 

Fully Integrated

Chatlayer is fully integrated with the Sinch stack. On top of that we provide standard connectors for all the major channels. We connect with SMS, Instagram, Teams, Slack and Facebook messenger and voice/telephony. On the backend we have standard and certified connectors with Salesforce and Genesys. These connectors expose all the back-end features directly in the plaform allowing for complex yet simple integrations. Chatlayer also has an open and well documented Webhook API that makes 3rd party integration a breeze. The combination of both the front and back-end integration options are a clear differentiator for enterprise grade chatbots. 

Enterprise Ready

Chatlayer is Enterprise Ready. The platform is ISO 27001 certified and attains to the highest security standards. All data is encrypted at rest. Additional features were added to the base platform to cater to Banking and Insurance clients. In 2020 role-based access was implemented as was SSO support. These features are a must have for any enterprise client that is integrating a chatbot solution. Chatlayer also gives clients the choice to either deploy in the EU or in the USA. Additional regions are being added starting with India in 2021. 

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