Streamlining the FNOL process with chatbots
Insurance webinar - Streamlining the FNOL process

Chatbots and streamlining the FNOL process

Why attend this webinar?

The FNOL process (First Notification of Loss) is a complicated process. Difficult to get right and with a huge hidden cost when done incorrectly. Customers want a fluid user experience, why not give them one? If your bike gets stolen or your kid breaks something while playing soccer, you want to be helped quickly.

With chatbots the entire FNOL process can be automated. Chatbots can be deployed on mobile and are available 24/7. With the Chatlayer platform insurance companies can design smart chatbots with a fantastic user experience!

During our webinar we will present success stories from continental Europe. AG Insurance, Belfius & Foyer are already helping their clients with a Chatlayer chatbot. We will share the underlying business case and explain the secret behind their successes.

We are looking forward to discuss the future of the insurance industry with you. During this 1-hour interactive session we will focus specifically on:

  • State of affairs for insurance chatbots
  • Existing insurance chatbots using Chatlayer
  • Where to start, when building your own bot
  • Live demo
  • In-depth business case from our existing clients
  • Q&A

The webinar will take place on May 20th at 11.00 GMT+1.

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Webinar speakers

Michael van de Velde
Michael van de Velde
Growth Executive at

Learn from our clients chatbot cases

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