A seamless customer experience by making use of chatbots

AI-powered support can give your agents a helping hand in delivering an end-to-end customer experience. 
Convert website visitors into paying customers, and speed up customer resolutions with an integrated human agent and bot solution. 
Start engaging with more customers and off-loading your staff at the same time. With powerful customer-oriented bots, you can service your clients faster while keeping your customer agents’ workloads manageable. The result: 24/7, quick, and hyper-personal customer service.
Are you ready to boost your CX?

Together with Kurt Pinoy, CEO of Premium Plus, we will host a 1-hour interactive session. This is what you can expect : 

  • The impact of chatbots in retail and e-commerce. 
  • Fundamentals in setting up an integrated chatbot – live chat solution. 
  • Premium Plus will launch and showcase the chatbot implemented on their own website. 
  • Q&A

The webinar will take place on March 9th at 14.00 CET.

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Webinar speakers

Delphine Jacquemart
Partner Success at Chatlayer.ai
Kurt Pinoy
Kurt Pinoy
CEO at Premium Plus

Learn from our clients chatbot cases

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