Create unique user experiences with voice bots!

Voice bots are the most engaging & personalized form of virtual assistants.

Clients who implemented a voice bot did not only increase their customer engagement and loyalty, but can answer their customers’ questions more accurately in less time.

How voice bots can benefit your business

Talk to your customers, anyplace, anytime

Reduce waiting times and improve the quality of your customer service with AI-powered voice bots. Be there for your customers and provide instant support to their requests.

Up to 90% reduction of avg response time

Talking is faster

... than typing

Branded voice assistants allow users to communicate in the most natural way: by talking. Whether at home or in the car, the answer to their question is just one phone call away!

Speech is 2.9x faster than typing

From marketing to support, voice bots pay off

Voice bots boost purchase conversions and reduce response time. When users simply find what they want, it results in fewer support tickets and a shorter time to buy.

Up to 120% increase in conversions

Ready to learn more?

Give your brand a voice, make yourself be heard. Discover the power of voice in our latest whitepaper and get started with voice bots in no time .

In this paper, we discuss industry best practices for voice bots, including everything you need to know to start building your own voice bot.

What are the differences between chat & voice bots?

A core characteristic of chatbots is their question & response type of flow. However, voicebots make the conversation more human, because users don’t have to wait for the bot to send its full answer before replying.

When writing to a livechat, users have to stay focused on the conversation and wait for each reply of their questions. With voicebots users can do other tasks and still don’t miss the answer of the virtual assistant, simulating more closely a dialogue than a message sent.

The friendly conversation with voice assistants encourages users to share more details about their requests. This provides bots with more information to frame an accurate response, increasing user satisfaction.

Voicebots can be adapted to reflect the personality of your brand. From sound effects that resemble the customer experience (e.g. brand jingle, sounds typical from the store), to a voice that is customized to talk like your brand (e.g. a sports brand using the voice of one of their sponsored athletes), voicebots can deliver tailored brand experiences.