Proximus is a leading Telco

Proximus offers a wide range of services like: Internet, TV, Mobile, Telephone and IT services for businesses. Proximus services over 4 million customers and has EUR 5.5Bn in yearly revenues.
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Alix is a sales chatbot on the Proximus website which helps customers with configuring the subscription pack suited to their needs. Proximus has many choices when it comes to subscription packs and Alix helps to make the best choice. Alix behaves like your best friend as she is also on Facebook Messenger just like you.
“We were able to increase webshop orders by 120% thanks to the salesbot”


Every year, HR of Proximus receives over 30,000 questions, which take a lot of time of the HR personnel. Many of these questions are fairly easy to answer. This has led to the creation of HR virtual assistant: YODA. He can provide information on hundreds HR-related topics, including salary, vacation, company car… Yoda ensures employees quick answers to information that is otherwise difficult to find. YODA is a sophisticated bot as it contains +80,000 expressions and has +1,000 intents configured.

Since the launch of YODA the number has drastically reduced. On average the HR team has seen a drop of 20-30% of questions being asked. This leaves more time that the HR team can invest in Proximus employees!

Proximus success story


SAM is a customer support chatbot for troubleshooting internet or television problems. SAM enables users to do basic troubleshooting fully autonomously, including performing a “line test” to check connectivity with the modem. This used to require manual intervention from a call center agent. After performing these steps, an agent wins an average of 10-15 minutes per customer interaction, a drastic improvement with a huge ROI.
“Chatbot SAM wins an average of 10-15 minutes per customer interaction,  a drastic improvement with a huge ROI”

“ has a proven track record in languages that are important to Foyer Group. Their platform and guidance have been instrumental for us to adapt this technology in our organization.”

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