NPO is a public broadcaster which provides the Netherlands with online and offline media like television, radio and news.

They serve 16 million Dutch citizens in their daily information and entertainment needs. NPO has participated in the Marconi project – which has received EU funding as part of horizon 2020. ​

Radio 5 bot

Via a smart connection with the editorial radio system, the radio 5 bot answers questions about programmes, songs and DJs
  • Info about different radio shows
  • Who is the current DJ
  • What is the Song currently playing
  • Participate in Competitions
  • FAQ like “How can I listen to the station abroad?” or “How can I listen to a programme that’s already been broadcasted?”
A user can create a profile and receives recommendations depending on their preferences. A Personal Service For Listeners And More Time For Radio Editors To Be Creative


The chatbot handles privacy issues in a smart way. It has a single sign-on authentication service and offers tools for users to request their deletion and or see what data of them is stored.
Privacy proof chatlayer

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