Botium is a test automation tool set for conversational AI following a holistic test approach to cover all quality standards. Meaning functional as well as non functional testing. The company was founded in 2018 and quickly became the industry standard tool for automated testing Conversational AI.

Their open source framework, Botium Core gives an unlimited experience for those who are comfortable with coding, while their commercial product, Botium Box was designed to make chatbot testing and training fast and easy for everyone.

Our whole team has been in the conversational AI space for many years, having worked with Chatlayer from the very start.  

Taking on only Conversational AI projects makes sure we have highly specific knowledge and experience

We design conversational flows that are relevant for the user, increasing engagement and conversion rate.

We work on bots that understand +1000 questions, making sure the A.I. is there to help, not to create more frustration.

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