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Our platform easily integrates with any large CRM, ticketing, and callcenter solutions. Thanks to our open API, you can integrate your bot with modern software stacks in just a few clicks.


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Connect Natively With Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Certified Salesforce Service Cloud integration (appexchange)
  • Full 2-way integration between Chatlayer and Service Cloud
  • Full access to conversation history directly in Salesforce


Connect Natively With Genesys Cloud Connect

  • Certified Genesys Connector (appfoundry)

  • Full Voice integration with native call handling and queuing functionalities
  • Full monitoring and auditing capabilities


Connect with Zendesk Enterprise in one click
  • Certified Connector
  • Send finished chatbot conversations as chat history directly to Zendesk
  • Use Zendesk as an knowledge base to build smarter chatbots

Sparkcentral By Hootsuite

Deep Native integration with Sparkcentral by Hootsuite

  • Manage all inbound channels in one unified view
  • Seamless handover between Chatlayer and Hootsuite / Sparkcentral
  • Full monitoring of all channels including bot channels directly in Hootsuite / Sparkcentral


API integration supported by Vocalcom
  • Seamless Voice handover between Chatlayer and Vocalcom
  • Queuing supported by Vacalcom API
  • Full reporting view


Connect with Helpscout in one click

  • Forward finished chatbot conversations directly to Helpscout
  • Assign chatbot conversations as a task to Helpscout user
  • Leverage existing Helpscout tickets to build contextualized chatbot flows

Proximus #Interact

Native integration with Proxiumus Interact

  • Leverage Interact’s Ticketing system to keep track of all chatbot queries
  • Manage multiple channels in one single interface
  • Seamless handover for live-chat capabilities

Ringcentral Engage Digital

Full integration with RingCentral Engage Digital

  • Full integration with RingCentral Engage Digital
  • Connect voicebot with RingCentral Queues dynamically
  • Offload RingCentral Calls to the chatbot in real time


Quick start guides to integrate with AirTable (low-code)

  • Save session variables without a heavy DBS set-up
  • Save previous conversations for continuous chat
  • Monitor API with native error logs directly in Chatlayer


Connect with the Eazy Dashboard in one click

  • Manage multiple channels in one single inbox
  • Full 2-way, real-time integration between Chatlayer and Eazy
  • Assign chatbot conversations directly to an agent or team in Eazy
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