The world largest social media now with your AI bot

Get your brand represented in the #1 social media in the world.

Increase your visibility online and offer your customers the opportunity to contact you directly on your Facebook page.

Perfect integration of promotion and support

The perfect integration of support & promotion

Facebook bots are the perfect way to link support and promotion. Users that are looking for a way to contact you can directly write a message to your Facebook page and receive instant response 24/7.

increase conversion

Increase conversions within your target audience

Maximize the benefits of a direct 1-to-1 channel to communicate with your fans. Thanks to Facebook bots you can accurately measure conversions from engagement to purchase.

increase conversion

Build stronger relationships with your fanbase

Build a direct connection with your customers on a platform they visit every day. Establish a stronger online presence of your business and constantly nurture your customer base.

“Together with Campfire, we improved the European parliament’s communication.”