You have to use these 12 Telegram bots in 2022

You have to use these 12 Telegram bots in 2022

Telegram is the messaging app on the rise in 2022. Especially regarding the use of chatbots, the messaging app is a pioneer. As there are a lot of different (and pretty cool!) Telegram bots out there, we have put together a list of our favorite Telegram bots in 2022.

Around the world, Telegram is one of the fastest growing messenger apps, and chatbots have become an integral part of Telegram. Especially in groups or channels with a lot of members, bots can help to keep conversations civil or make certain tasks easier. And as Telegram groups are hugely popular, this is very much needed.

Admin bots are not the only chatbots on Telegram though. There are a lot of really neat bots out there that people and companies are using for staying organized, marketing, promotions, and even sales. We took a closer look at the different bots on the messenger app, and have put together a list of our twelve favorite Telegram bots for 2022. 

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How does a Telegram bot work?

First off, it is important to know where you can use a Telegram bot. There are multiple scenarios where to run a Telegram bot. You can:

  • chat with them directly
  • add them to groups
  • request content from them via inline command in any chat (only works with inline bots)
Secondly, you can create a Telegram bot on your own using the Botfather or the Telegram bot API for developers. Of course, you won’t find a pre-built bot for every use case, that you have in mind. And then it can get complicated. 

Especially when there are databases involved, that you might want to tap into or when you want to include sophisticated features, it can take a lot of IT expertise to get your chatbot just the way you want. In that case, the simple Telegram bots might not be for you. 

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 For very basic use cases though, there are a lot of helpful Telegram bots around.  

The top 12 Telegram bots in 2022

Botfather (@botfather): the Godfather of Telegram bots

The Botfather is directly provided by Telegram. Users can create Telegram bots with it that work the way they want them to. This makes The Botfather is the master bot so to say and all bots are created there first.

GameBot (@gamebot): play fun games with your friends

For boring days at home, the GameBot will put a smile on your face. You can invite friends to play little games with you on Telegram.

The chatbot is very simple, as are the games like Math Battle, where you basically have to solve equations fast. But simple games are often times the most fun, right?

Gmail bot (@GmailBot): receive, manage and answer e-mails on Telegram

With the Gmail bot, you won’t ever have to open your Gmail app again. You get a Telegram notification when you receive an e-mail, and you can manage it and reply to it inside the chat window. 

IFTTT (@IFTTT): link groups and chats with over 300 external services

Connecting different web services and creating automations are the focal points for the IFTTT or IfThisThenThat bot. Their Telegram bot can link your group or channel to 360 external services like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a lot more. Also, the bot allows you to set actions that are triggered by conditions. For example, it is possible to automatically get Facebook posts of certain accounts and insert them into a Telegram group or post messages to Telegram, whenever you are mentioned on Twitter.

Skeddy (@SkeddyBot): conversational reminder too

By setting a reminder with a description and a date, you instruct the Skeddy bot to set an alarm. The reminder tool will then notify you and you will receive a Telegram notification when the time has come. Pretty easy, right? (@DropMailBot): disposable e-mail addresses

Sometimes, you just don’t want to share your real e-mail address with a website. Either you don’t trust them or you don’t want their spam to end up in your inbox. The DropMail bot provides disposable e-mail addresses, which you can use to sign up and get the confirmation e-mail. It deletes the newly created address ten minutes later. 

File Converter (@newfileconverterbot): this bot converts your files

The File Converter bot can convert almost any file format into another. It will recognize the format of every file you send to the chat and give you conversion options via in-chat buttons. After choosing the correct format, the file is converted, and you can download it.

AirTrack (@airtrack_bot): find and track flights

You can use AirTrack to search for flights in Telegram. All you have to do is enter the airport of departure, your destination, and the dates of the two flights (or one flight if you choose the one-way option) and AirTrack will find the best offers.

You receive all information on the flight in the Telegram app. And what’s even better: you can track routes and set a price alarm that will notify you when there is a better offer.

Combot (@combot): the virtual administrator

Combot is one of the most popular administration bots for Telegram out there. It provides very useful features that help with group moderation, analytics, filtering spam messages from group members, and much more. It is free of charge for smaller Telegram groups.

Combot is quite popular among group admins of bigger groups because it can perform many tasks, such as moderating and explaining rules and preventing spam messages, so it saves admins a lot of time and work. For groups that have more than 2,500 members, the company behind the bot offers paid monthly subscriptions.

File to bot (@filetobot): external cloud storage

File to bot is virtually a cloud for storing files. Here you can organize your stored files, create QR codes and share them on social media. You just enter the file into the chat and the bot will do the rest.

Trello (@trello_bot): manage your boards on Telegram

Should you use Trello and Telegram, the Trello bot is a great way to manage the tasks of you or your team. By adding your Trello boards to the bot, you can not only create new cards and edit them when needed, but you will also get notifications when sombeody makes a change. It’s a helpful bot for fully managing your Trello board within the Telegram messenger.

Babelgram (@BabelgramBot): translate everything in seconds

Babelgram translates just about anything. By adding the bot to a group and enabling the desired language, the bot will take care of translating the entered text into the target language. All other users in the group can also use the bot by simply typing /enable <language code of input> <language code of translation> in the chat. The bot will translate the text simultaneously so that the chat can continue smoothly.


How AI-powered bots revolutionize customer communication

This Telegram bot list displays how simple but yet how useful chatbots can be and how well they fit into a conversational messaging environment. They spare the user countless steps, clicks and swipes, and integrate features that normally take multiple apps, in one single and simple conversational flow. 

However, for more complex tasks, such as responding to unique customer inquiries or evaluating insurance claims, Telegram bots are obviously not sufficient. 

Particularly, when the bot is expected to cover multiple steps in the customer journey, like spreading awareness, providing detailed information in the decision phase and completing the purchase, more sophisticated AI-powered bots are necessary.

Chatbots from Chatlayer by Sinch have proven again and again, that they are capable of bringing immense improvements to companies. They are able to:

  • handle thousands of customer requests monthly, fully-automated
  • pre-qualify and categorize request with NLP and AI for human agents
  • accompany customers through the entire customer journey from awareness to after-sales
And businesses are really benefitting! By implanting AI-powered chatbots, companies can: 
  • save up to 30 percent in call center costs
  • increase conversions by 30 to 50 percent
  • answer 68.9 percent of frequently asked questions 
So, it makes sense that companies have already started using AI bots successfully. 

Belfius: managing over 2,000 claims per month

A great use case for AI bots is the insurance industry. Imagine how huge most of the insurance companies are and take a guess, how many incidents get reported on a daily basis. Thousands! This was the case with Belfius, a Belgian insurance bank. As they wanted to be able to handle these claims more efficiently, and reduce the work load for their employees, they implemented Chatlayer’s AI bot. 

With the insurance bot, Belfius can now manage more than 2,000 claims per month. This is the equivalent of five full-time agents taking the requests. Customers of Belfius can just tell the chatbot what happened, like they would on the phone with a real agent, and the bot will automatically understand how to categorize each claim for human agents to take care of.

This saved time and increased the conversion compared to the old claim forms by 87%

Brazilian food delivery giant iFood's bot solves not one, but many problems

Together with the Conversational AI experts from Chatlayer, iFood designed a bot, that allowed them to improve the customer service throughout their entire delivery process, from registering drivers to onboarding partner restaurants to answering customer questions.

As a result, iFood was able to:  

  • reduce the workload for human customer service agents, 
  • cut delivery service costs by 70 percent, and 
  • increase customer satisfaction.  

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Chatlayer's AI bots boost services in many different industries

Technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence are enabling high-quality chatbots that are obviously on a different level than your basic Telegram bot. They also show where the technology can take your business. NLP Chatbots designed by Chatlayer for instance enable enterprises to offer their services in over 120 languages, all packed into very natural conversations. When it comes to response accuracy, Chatlayer’s bots reach an accuracy of 80 percent and higher, and even outperform bots from Google or IBM

These results can be reached in many different industries, like eCommerce, Customer Service, or Human Resources. Every company, regardless of their industry, that deals with a great amount of customer requests every day can be sure that a well-designed chatbot will cover the lion’s share of the inquiries and greatly relieve human agents.

And the best part is: you can integrate them on any channel, from your own app to voice, and yes, also on Telegram!