Functionality layers

Visual Flow Management

Start building and managing your conversational progress using an intuitive chat flow design tool without the need for a developer. Visually drag and drop chat components, add evaluation criteria, switch contexts and much more so you can create a dynamic and smart conversation that delivers a pleasant experience. Because design and deployment of your changes happen instantly, it is an ideal tool for both prototyping and production deployment.

Analytics and Profiling

Get detailed insights in the efficiency of your conversation flow, the personality of your users and much more. Enabling our customers to take data-driven decisions requires detailed and smart analytics that are easy to use and visualize. Whether your are looking for basic user information, NLP efficiency or advanced profiling information, Chatlayer provides an easy to navigate dashboard to extract metrics on which you can build your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Interpreting and understanding the text, intentions, emotions and tone of voice of a user is the beating heart of a conversational interface. We go to great lengths to reduce the complexity of training and deploying machine learning algorithms by offering an easy to used interface.

Extra features

Push notifications

Deliver a proactive service by sending relevant in-channel notifications keeping your users engaged and informed at all time.

Multi interface

Drive conversations not only on messaging platforms, but also using email, SMS, or even speech interfaces.

Human offload

When artificial intelligence fails, you want human intelligence to take it over. Offload low scoring sessions to human operators to ensure a good interaction.

A/B flow testing

Being able to compare and test multiple flow assumptions supports metric-driven optimization of your conversions and allows you to augment the quality of your channel.

Integration and deployment

We offer professional integration and development services to guide you in more complex and custom setups. Understanding the tone of voice, personality and context of a user improves your targeting and profiling efforts.

Plugin-based architecture

Through technology partnerships and custom plugins, Chatlayer integrates the power of third party platforms and proprietary backends
with the convenience of your favorite messaging interface. Add your most favorite plugins to introduce advanced functionalities to your bot.

Use Cases

Customer engagement

Leverage the intelligence of your data and build highly personalized and realtime customer touch points with in-channel offers, news and updates.


Guide your customers straight to their target and convert a buying intent into a frictionless sale. Improve conversion by using natural language based on the consumer’s profile.

Workflow automation

Share knowledge throughout an entire organization to increase productivity and transparency by using already existing communication channels.

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